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Directory People

Other benefits could include the one that it does not have to work more with a head, financial independence, the accomplishment of the dreams such as to travel to other countries, and the list could grow. To what type of … Continue reading


Ana Muoz Alvarez

The grass of a golf course needs, to be in good state, the equivalent to the water that consumes 20,000 people every day. In order to obtain a liter of gasoline, 10 liters are needed water and to produce 900 … Continue reading


Financial Crisis

If there is something it is being in clear within all the confusion that has caused the crisis in the market of mortgages prevails American, and that quickly was scattered in the rest of international the financial system, it is … Continue reading


The Market And Its Motivations

The Market and Its Motivations: It is common to observe the motivations that drive certain individuals to try to enter, or in individual form or conforming a group or association, to which usually it is called, in form somewhat, etrea, … Continue reading

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Unemployment Abroad

According to the IMF and other experts, until within 5 years, that is towards 2,014, it will not be begun to create net job in Spain. Doug Oberhelman often addresses the matter in his writings. Perhaps at the end of … Continue reading


Rockefeller Group

The law was blocked during years by the legal action until after penal erogaciones and discussions the parts reached agreements that benefitted to the population of that country affected by that disease. On the other hand it is very interesting … Continue reading



If one sees clearly, through near examination and care, that the search of the pleasure does not lead to the happiness, then our vision by means of the pleasure in the life is altered from the beginning and the search … Continue reading


New Year Quot

Wayeb" , for present year 2011, it gives to beginning with the day Monday 11 of Kej&quot February; , and it concludes with day Wednesday 22 of February that is the first day of New Year. In the 2011 main … Continue reading


Latin American

I do not know if to accumulate reserves is most efficient, but know that it influences in the investing behavior. We say that it positively affects the perception of strength of an economy and dissuades of speculative attacks to the … Continue reading



The time Lazaro raised the Cardinal red presidency who enters his majors profits is recognized by the expropriation of petroleum, to give benefits and to respond to the demands of the town between many more works. The Tata Lazaro very … Continue reading