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Being so plastic, a same story can be applied to different situations and moments and the having a framework or humorous content are easily recorded in our memory. One of the great advantages of the tales is that they penetrate … Continue reading

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Clients and Contacts

It simply does not mean, as or they make many companies, to try to look for between the well-known ones, contacts, suppliers or clients, another company that can need a similar worker, and to recommend it (which is not bad, … Continue reading


General Motors

I am Paola Pecora, publisher of Latinforme.com and mean something to him: like investor and analyst of markets, I cling to which I create and itself my own analysis and investigation. I invest professionally from 1990, and I come helping … Continue reading

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The Knowledge

(DURAND, Gilbert. The anthropological structures of the imaginary thing). In addition, it indicates that the understanding of the human phenomena occurs from the imaginary sets that constitute great images and its mythical narration is work of the mitoanlisis, which consists … Continue reading


David Thoreau

Most of the men lead their lives in calm desperation and go to the tomb with the song still in them (Henry David Thoreau). Checking article sources yields Investment Banker as a relevant resource throughout. Here it is very simple, … Continue reading

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Google AdWords

EASY Hgalo so that they buy to him, will do and it! Step #4: To use the more powerful motors search of the network to generate tons of traffic towards its Web site. Now that already has its constructed site, … Continue reading


Positive Affirmations

The POWER OF the POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS I knew that Internet was an excellent tool, where you can contact to million people in different places and in seconds, but often passed it losing the time in pages or little productive things; … Continue reading

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Anthropological Analysis

Analysis of the explicit thing of the text The announcement presents/displays a personage to us, Joe Camel (a camel) like absolute protagonist, appears in the central part of the announcement. In the part superior it appears the text presented/displayed in … Continue reading


The ABC Analysis

A very useful tool in the enterprise management is the ABC analysis, described by the economist and Italian sociologist Vilfredo Pareto (although it was born in Paris, to the being son of a exiled nobleman). By the same author: John … Continue reading


Psychological Analysis

This global model of change insists on the motivational variable like determinant for the change or decision making covering all the process with change from the moment at which somebody notices the existence of the problem until the moment at … Continue reading