Rockefeller Group

The law was blocked during years by the legal action until after penal erogaciones and discussions the parts reached agreements that benefitted to the population of that country affected by that disease. On the other hand it is very interesting what comments, that it is not necessary to forget that a the length of century XX, the pharmaceutical industry was developed and organized with the aim of controlling the sanitary systems worldwide by means of the systematic substitution of nonpatentable natural therapies by synthetic substances patentable and, therefore, lucrative. This industry did not evolve of natural form. On the contrary, it was a decision made by a handful of wealthy industralists and without scruples that wanted to make an investment. They deliberately identified the human body like their scope of market with the aim of generating more wealth. The driving force of this industry of investment was the Rockefeller Group. This one controlled already more of 90% of the petrochemical industry in the United States in the change of century from the XIX to the XX, and was looking for new opportunities of investment international scale. Another group of active investment in this sector formed around the financial group Rothschild.

Tmese in account, that after the Standard Oil de Rockefeller (today Exxon), the conglomerated second of companies petrochemical phamacists and greater of the world during first half of century XX, were of group IG Farben with soothes in Germany. This conglomerate of companies was the main factor that explains the ascent of Hitler to the power and its joint invasion of Europe and the world. In fact, World War II was a war of aggression prepared, begun and directed from the advice of planning of IG Farben. This one was the first company of IG Auschwitz, the greater industrial plant of this poster of the chemical industry outside Germany. Great part of the wealth of this poster was accumulated with the blood and the suffering of the slaves who worked in their factories, including those of the concentration camp of Auschwitz. IG Farben supported and used without no scruple to the political governors German with their powerful arms, with the purpose of economic achieve supremacy on all Europe and the rest of the world. IG Farben was the main shareholder of the Standard Oil de Rockefeller, and vice versa. At that time, the victory of the Forces Allied on Germany Nazi ended the plans of IG Farben to become more important the pharmaceutical and petrochemical conglomerate of the world. At the same time, Standard Oil and the other pharmaceutical and petrochemical companies of the partnership of Rockefeller became the dominant financial group of this industry, and since then they have held this position of leadership. Original author and source of the article.


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