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Steve Jobs

Then-CEO, Terry Semel (Terry Semel) as a countermeasure reduced the amount of the transaction to $ 800 million. Zuckerberg declined. But two months later, when Yahoo returned to the initial conditions, it was too late. Today Facebook boasts 250 million … Continue reading

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Public Administration

In the case of Public companies, the adoption of Free Software is supported mainly by the principles of Impessoalidade, Eficincia and Razoabilidade, foreseen in article 37 of the Constitution of the Republic that presents the Fundamental Principles of the Public … Continue reading


For That Education

It contains articles environment to the educational model in different countries (United States, France, Japan and Colombia). The reforms that have been introduced to education in Colombia have been influenced by the international agenda, therefore, it is important to do … Continue reading


Following Academic Year

When planning the future work, it is necessary to shuffle different choices in what to training and preparation refers. To we us spend? What are the best studies to achieve our goals? Before asking these questions, and take a look … Continue reading

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