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Rockefeller Group

The law was blocked during years by the legal action until after penal erogaciones and discussions the parts reached agreements that benefitted to the population of that country affected by that disease. On the other hand it is very interesting … Continue reading


Latin American

I do not know if to accumulate reserves is most efficient, but know that it influences in the investing behavior. We say that it positively affects the perception of strength of an economy and dissuades of speculative attacks to the … Continue reading


Mayan Square

Initially the focus of this work would be to study the improvements for the Quality of Life of the freqentadores that carry through practical physics in the ATI (Academy of the Third Age) that it is placed in Mayan the … Continue reading


The Reinigunsvorgang

This is cat litter in the Atlas mountains won and cross transported through Europe. This diesel is consumed and tolls must be paid. The high costs shall be allocated to the consumer and animal shelters, as well as households pay … Continue reading

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