Psychological Analysis

This global model of change insists on the motivational variable like determinant for the change or decision making covering all the process with change from the moment at which somebody notices the existence of the problem until the moment at which the problem stops existing (Annex I module 6), proposing the analysis of the diverse factors that influence in the passage among the different stages to take part of form adapted to the change stage in which is the subject. The great potentiality of this theoretical frame he is the one to involve the main psychological variables on which the acquisition of a healthful habit depends, which include the phase motivational of the change and the volitive phase or of action proper, besides which processes include/understand the awareness, the social support, the handling of contingencies and others more (Prochaska and DiClemente, 1994; Prochaska and Prochaska, 1993). Analysis according to the model of Prochaska Conduct of health: Moderate alcohol consumption The moderate alcohol consumption the alcohol is consumed and moderation wisely: always during the food and not while it is being conducted, or in activities of same responsibility with one and their surroundings, valuing the beneficial effects of a substance that too much can bring about serious upheavals in the organism. Hypothesis of the passage of personage protagonist of the conduct by all the stages until the healthful conduct: Charlie. *Los stages represent when certain changes of intentions happen, attitudes and behaviors in conducts and reflect therefore a temporary dimension, that does not explain how it goes from a stage to another one.


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