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Mikheil Saakashvili

What do you associate with the word 'quote'? 1. Utterance of an ancient sage, Confucius like. 2. Book or newspaper epigraph. 3. Topical utterance famous contemporary. We complete the picture: Quotes thinkers, philosophers, politicians, actors, bloggers, presenters, musicians, writers, scientists, … Continue reading

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Stated Period

Who does not want high quality, price low an incredible stated period? The consumer, independent of the product or service that needs, always will search for one & ldquo; business of the China& rdquo;. What it does not understand, many … Continue reading


In Multinivel Marketing

The Action Once you have decided the things that you wish to obtain in your activity mlm, you look for on the other hand it of intense form and you have the strong conviction that you would be able to … Continue reading

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Reservoir Garden

The laying of a large garden you can provide on its territory a pond for swimming and boating in summer. By the way, the pond area of 40-50 square meters. pm can be arranged even in a small garden. And … Continue reading

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A Newcomer To The Parade Of The Feria De Las Flores

A newcomer to THE RIDE OF THE EXHIBITION OF FLOWERS Emilio Alberto Restrepo Baena. About a year ago, a good friend convinced me to join him and his group, every Thursday afternoon at the parade that started from a stable … Continue reading


The Pupils

It cried out: ' ' They give attention because I go to say to this only vez' ' , a loaded silence of guilt if installed in all the room and the professor continued. ' ' Since that I started … Continue reading


Unconstitutional Considered Thing

The term of the sentence is not its mere publication and summon, and yes its effective conformity with what the Lex Mater understood for good to guarantee the citizen. Conclusion The reform of the Code of Civil action if considered … Continue reading


The Correct Selection Of Promotional Materials To The Increase In Sales

Ballpoint pens are still popular and effective advertising article a well planned marketing mix is important to businesses. Because of the turnover of the company is to be increased eventually permanently. In addition to the print ads or press releases, … Continue reading

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MLM Business

Once as we have sponsored our group in our MLM business, whether one, two or more people, we must begin their training and monitoring, especially if they are inexperienced, I will present five basic aspects that a good sponsor or … Continue reading


A Loan Comparison Is Always Useful

Loans previously objectively compare saves trouble and money! Taking a loan, the borrower enters liabilities towards the Bank, so that prior to the conclusion of the contract a loan comparison makes sense. This can the conditions of different providers are … Continue reading

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