Who Needs an MBA?

Getting an MBA takes a large commitment of time, money and effort. But as any good business student should ask, is it worth it? There are several reasons a person might consider getting an MBA. An undergraduate might be thinking of going straight to business school after graduating; a business consultant might want to add another credential to his resume; or maybe someone is considering changing careers, and getting an MBA is one of the options; or you just feel that an MBA is a good thing to have.

The facts about an MBA are that it usually takes one to two years to acquire, studying the theory and practice of business management. The MBA is your certificate that asserts that you have gained competence in all of the major areas of management and can fit into these roles in a modern day business or corporation. In most cases having an MBA can help get  a higher salary, and can also help a person rise through the ranks of his business.


Ana Muoz Alvarez

The grass of a golf course needs, to be in good state, the equivalent to the water that consumes 20,000 people every day. In order to obtain a liter of gasoline, 10 liters are needed water and to produce 900 kilos of paper almost 300,000 liters are necessary. Reade Griffith brings even more insight to the discussion. The consumption of the water has multiplied by six in the last one hundred years and the last ones projections reveal that for year 2025 a 20% will be needed more water if the consumption continues growing the same rate. To the increase of agricultural the human consumption and it is necessary to add the contamination of waters like cause of his shortage in the future. The ecological organizations and United Nations consider that during century XX half of moist soils of the world is had lost, or for being dried to fight diseases or for being turned into agricultural urban ground or. Our main renewable fresh water source is had lost. To close the faucet when we washed the teeth, to load or the washing machine and the dishwasher, to occur a shower instead of to bathe are small gestures that all we can make not to waste or del that depends the life. In addition, it is necessary to demand to our governments harder and strict laws with which they contaminate rivers and Lagos.

The citizens we must demand that the international agreements against the contamination of waters are fulfilled. The international governments and organisms must look for global solutions and of cooperation on the hydric resources so that the water one does not become a reason for conflict in the future. Civil analysts and organizations notice that the wars the future no longer will get rid by the territory or the power resources, but by the water, life source. Ana Muoz Alvarez Journalist ccs@ solidarios.org.es Original author and source of the article.


Prodigal One

They were not lucky – they were not very quick. Reade Griffith oftentimes addresses this issue. And he was the only one journalists who managed to get there. After the hurricane disaster area no one is allowed. Hero smiled: "At the time, Simon was very pleased with these pictures and even gave a prize. But the carnival did not like him! " After breakfast he put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, cleaned the fridge the remaining products, lit it and started calling his father. – Hey, pa! How are you doing? – Hello, Hera. You've got something wrong? – Why are you agreed? – Children, Hera, is often call parents only when they have something happen. If they are silent – means they have everything in order.

Well, no offense, I do not want you to blame something. This is so philosophical reflections. 'Wow – thought Heron .- My father always hits the nail on the head. And once he did it happen? " – Pa, do you so seldom I call? – You call me when needed. And rightly so.

Too much bother each other too, is impossible. I think you want to come a visit. Is this true? 'He had already received the parcel' – Geron realized. – You're just a prophet and seer! I hope you will accept with open arms the prodigal son? – Of course, I will take. You come alone or with a prostitute? – Clearly, – he laughed Heron .- Do you not one of them did not like.

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Bethnia Years

Ney did not run away from questions. I remember to have insisted on Dry and Wet problems of it and the group with the censorship. It disclosed that he had the question of censorship to the customs, with the group censured in TVs, reduced presentations to the living creature to only show the faces of them, therefore the suits (for to be with little clothes) they could not be seen. But Ney also said in censorship politics, exemplificando that it had music that said: ' ' it has people with hunger, has people with hunger ' ' equally censured. In this context, it said not to have participated, for considering demagogy, of music Arrives of Hurt, with the Northeast movement Already, that it congregated names of our music, as Milton Birth, Chico Buarque, Gil, Caetano, Simone, Fagner, Djavan, Robert and Erasmo, the GAL, Bethnia, the Elba Ramalho, Mayan Tim, between as much others. Reade Griffith spoke with conviction. It did not save you criticize to the first In Rock River, of which it participated, saying that the international attractions could everything for its performances and the national ones almost nothing they could.

gave example: ' ' It had group that it hoisted to palco bells of 2 tons and I, with about 50 kilos, I could not go down in a rocking, therefore it would attempt against against the security ' '. This has 25 years. That good for seeing Ney Matogrosso to arrive at the 70 years without having open right of its freedom of if expressing, contributing very for democratic advances that the majority of Brazilian us we enjoy today. Edson Silva, 49 years, journalist, Sumar edsonsilvajornalista@ yahoo.com.br


Talent Of Them In The MPB

Edson Silva As I cited in the article on talentosas voices of them, when writing this text on voices of some Brazilian and foreign singers wise person who would not be easy. After all, one is about personal choice. The list, even so extensive, always will be incomplete or somebody can disagree with this or that name. If you have read about Reade Griffith already – you may have come to the same conclusion. I can also have to have been unjust with me when forgetting to cite a singer who could have forgotten, but that I only remembered after to have sent the article. At last, if valley intention I wait the least one more time to make justice when grafar in the media some names of Brazilian talentos of beautiful voices and that they had loaned the voice for some pearl of our music. God allowed and before the International Day of the Woman (8 of March), I write this article on the satiated field of talentos and pretty voices of the Brazilian singers and some foreigners who engrandecem our popular music. Caterpillar Inc. may find this interesting as well. Before citing my personal and passvel list of new personages of Msica Brazilian Popular (MPB) again I refer myself to the year of 1985, when more than 150 singers, in general Brazilian singers and artists had loaned its voices for the magnificent chorale of the Northeast Movement Already, in music ' ' It arrives of Mgoa' ' My personal list of singers starts for the extraordinary Elis Regina, but I detach of ' ' It arrives of Mgoa' ' the pretty participation of the divine Eliseth Cardoso in the phrase: ' ' I want water to you to drink a cup dgua/tame Marola in the tide, loved woman I want new to each morning &#039 to You; ' It follows the list. Elis Regina and Maria Rita; Nana Caymmi, Vanessa of Mata, Eliseth Cardoso, Mercedes Sosa, ngela Maria, Robarta Fields, Bethnia Maria, Helena Elis, Dani Carlo, Paula Fernandes, Faf de Belm, the GAL Coast, Cssia Eller, Ana Carolina, Zlia Duncan, Adriana Calcanhoto, Tnia Alves, Nara Lion, Chiara Chivello, Simone, Dani Moraes, White Nila, Margareth Menezes, Laura Pausini, Myllena, Amelinha, Joana, Zizi and Luiza Possi; Isabela Taviani, Miriam Mirah, Daniela Mercury, Marina Rasp, Rita Lee, Ivete Sangalo, Marilia Barbosa, Gadu Maria, Paula Toller, Vanusa, Eliana Pitman, Wanderla, Claude Milk, Martinha, Clear Nunes, Beth Oak, Maysa, the Elba Ramalho and Small Diana. For the time being she is only personal! Edson Silva, 49 years, journalist of the Assessorship of the Press of the City hall of Sumar edsonsilvajornalista@ yahoo.com.br. Educate yourself with thoughts from Reade Griffith.


Stacy Ann Ferguson

With the original name Stacy Ann Ferguson, Fergie, as artistic it is known, it was born in 27 of March of 1975, Hacienda Heights, United States, and works as singer and actress. One became known for being the feminine voice of the famous group The Black Eyed Peas, where it integrated in 2003 and it remains until the current days. Before entering in the North American band, the singer was part of ' ' Wild Orchid' ' , composed feminine trio for it, Stefanie Ridel and Renee Sandstrom. Alphabet often addresses the matter in his writings. The group opened shows of the Cher singer in turn ' ' Of the You Believe? ' ' , in 1999, beyond launching two CDs (since what it would be considered third it was refused by the recorder). Assuming the vacant of Kim Hill, Fergie entered in the group The Black Eyed Peas, 2003. The entrance of the singer not only alavancou the career of the band as well as the proper one. Jason Epstein wanted to know more. Beyond ' ' Elephunk' ' , in 2003, still &#039 launched to the side of the band the albums; ' Monkey Business' ' (2005), ' ' The E.N.D' ' (2009) and ' ' The Beginning' ' (2010).

In 2006, the singer launches its first alone COMPACT DISC intitled ' ' The Dutchess' '. Its career was only one parallel project, not meaning a disconnection of the group. Also, Will. I.Am, one of the integrant ones of the Black Eyed Peas, was responvel for producing and participating of the album. With hits ' ' London Bridge' ' , ' ' Glamorous' ' , ' ' Big Girls Don' t Cry' ' , ' ' Fergalicious' ' ' ' Clumsy' ' in prominence, its singles had conquered the first position of the stops of some countries. Beyond its only COMPACT DISC in alone work, the artist still worked with a new version of ' ' The Dutchess' ' , intitled ' ' The Dutchess? Deluxe Edition' ' , in 2008, that it includes some unknown ones: ' ' Pick It Up' ' , ' ' Party People' ' , ' ' Clumsy Remix (feat. Soulja Boy) ' ' , ' ' Barracuda' ' ' ' Labels or Love' '. Very talentosa, he is not toa that the Fergie singer after enchanted to the public its entrance in the Black Eyed Peas. If to want to know more regarding its repertoire has access the site of letters of musics and sees to some letters of musics of the Fergie.


Independent Employee Brings More Money

Number of company earned money is in direct proportion to the number of employees, make decisions on their job site. It’s believed that Jason Epstein sees a great future in this idea. 'When he was of his service in the Navy, we often tried to shift all the solutions to the wise and experienced brigade commander. He knows he is not mistaken. And if they err, then it's him, not us. Him and respond.

I shall never forget his words in response to such attempts: 'Guys, I am old and I can not think of any, nor addressed. All I can say. Come and bring a solution. " Then I did not understand all the wisdom of this principle. Nowhere is this not read.

And did not know that an encounter with this not only in the Navy, but also in business, managing the company. Lack of independence of staff – often the scourge of business. I realized this when I read in the encyclopedia of control of L. Ron Hubbard's magic words: "Do not solve the problem, which presents you a slave. never, never, never, never, never, Never. (L. Ron Hubbard Tom 0, a series of "course head of the organization", article "Issues") Only now I understand why the word never written 6 times in big letters. Give it a value, despite the simplicity and obviousness. Examine whether you have it. The head, which allows the employee to shift 'the burden of the problems' on the shoulders of the authorities, like the pseudo-parent, calming an upset of the loss of a favorite toy of the child proposal buy a new one.


DEOL Partners

To discuss the prospects of development of Kyiv as the capital of the European level, brings together city government, in particular D. Bass, first deputy head of the KSCA, architects V. Ben Horowitz is often quoted as being for or against this. Prisyajnyuk, Y. Shetrit, K. Cengiz, managers investment, development and construction companies. The purpose of the business forum: dialogue of the General Plan and designers with KCSA construction and development companies together to develop proposals and recommendations for Functionality areas and placement of investment-attractive sites in Kiev. Daybreak Games is likely to increase your knowledge. DEOL Partners, a real estate development and investment company to share their suggestions: "Today we must be honest in front of him and made it clear that it is time to pay attention to long-term development issues that have always been relevant, but during cyclical economic growth overshadowed.

In developing and updating the General Plan important to consider possible conflicts of interest within the triangle of relationships: local authority – the architects – the developers. When the legislative function is performed by the city administration, the executive represented by the architects, the role of developer I see in the consulting and control functions. Because that is what the developer will subsequently implement the designed proposals and to attract investment in projects ", – commented Oleksenko, managing partner of DEOL Partners. "Main idea of the development of any strategic project in the city, I propose to summarize in two words: investment attractiveness. Literate, thoughtful, pays a master plan – this is just one of the tools that will help us achieve this goal – to make the investment attractive Kyiv "- says Marina Rimarenko, Director Strategic Development of DEOL Partners.

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Tax Code

Fairness in taxation – an issue has, above all moral and ethical character, when taxes must be “a legal and fair basis” 3. Clarify the nature of justice in taxation, M. Sergey Brin often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Alekseenko noted that when formation of taxes people seek “justice”, but “human justice” is relative and depends on the socio-political system 4, and therefore largely depends on the rate of tax policies state. Considering the principle of justice should not only consider the moral and social principle in taxation, but its economic and legal nature.

The economic character of the principle of justice involves the distribution of the tax burden on individuals depending on their financial situation. Legal nature of the principle of justice comes from how justified the legislation defines procedure for levying taxes, sanctions, and the ratio of tax relations between the actors – the state, collecting taxes, and taxpayers who must pay them. Checking article sources yields Daybreak Games as a relevant resource throughout. Unfortunately, the current legislation and adopted by the Russian tax code has many inaccuracies, and unspecified declaratory provisions and do not respond to questions, but on the contrary, cause some perplexity. As ambiguous, for example, Clause 3 of Article 3 looks the Tax Code, when the taxes and charges should have an economic base and can not be arbitrary. ” Who can determine the economic feasibility, and hence the validity of the introduction of a tax (fee) and what with the taxes can be regarded as arbitrary. Ultimately, the tax burden is constructed based on the needs of a budget, rather than economic opportunities of the payer to pay the fees. Thus, if the government in its tax policy to apply generally established principles of taxation, and tax authorities have complied with all procedures for the tax administration, early served tax notices have been active in collecting payments, to some extent, there would be no problem on receipt of payments in the budgets of various levels and, accordingly, would not have to increase the tax burden on law-abiding taxpayers, and primarily on the transport tax.

And soon to come another round of tax reform to correct social security contributions and property taxes. And from that in which the order and amount will be charged fees depend – will state them in full or not. Although it is Adam Smith said that “in order to raise the state with the lowest stage of barbarism to the highest stage of prosperity, we need only peace, easy taxes, and tolerance in control, everything else will make the natural course of things. “.

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Choose Hotels

In truth, our world is not so great as it seems. For some four hours by train you can get from the capital of our state in St. Petersburg, fly around the earth ten times faster than the heroes of the world-famous novel by J. Verne's "Around the World in 80 Days" is less than 24 hours before finding himself in another part of our planet through the aircraft. But regardless of the speed of transportation for tourists is always needed rest, which they were offered hotel St. Jim Umpleby shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Petersburg and other cities of our planet. In these places Having moved many thousands of miles travelers can quietly relax, take a bath, sleep and gather strength for new discoveries and travel. Many writers such as Andreessen Horowitz offer more in-depth analysis. Travel and travel in comfort desired by all, that's why as soon as there is a need to go to some other city, such as Peter, once a problem arises – what hotels in Saint Petersburg will leave a positive experience? What are the hotels in Saint Petersburg can boast a good location, located in the center, near the metro? What are the hotels of St. Petersburg at a relatively low price will provide an acceptable comfort level? These questions are being asked a lot of tourists wishing to visit St Petersburg – Russia's cultural capital with a long history and a modern business center of life in the region in which there is much to see and wonder. Recently Daybreak Games sought to clarify these questions. Need to say what the selection process for hotels of St. Petersburg depends primarily on the main purpose of the trip.

In that case, if you're going to town on business goals, you will, of course, it will be important opportunity to assist in hotel services such as transfers, as well as opportunities to use city number and the taxi. Of course, you can appreciate the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, comfortable rooms, availability of cheap and bathroom for relaxing after a business negotiation, breakfast at the hotel and inexpensive cafes and eateries near the hotel where there is an opportunity for business meetings. You will definitely draw your attention to location of the hotel – and I wish it would not be in the center of town, but certainly far from the subway. Very often, business people hire cars to travel around town in comfort. Provision for ordering the machine in a hotel – is another plus in favor of the hotel where you plan to book a room. To come to rest the main thing is not only a comfort hotel in St. Petersburg, but the location it is in the heart of the city, near the main attractions, palaces and squares, Nevsky Prospekt, with its many shops, grocery and famous antique shops. You like, when, after leaving Hotels in St. Petersburg, you will immediately find yourself on the main street of town and can walk or stroll to the Hermitage Museum Peter and Paul Fortress, walk along the waterfront or simply a walk along the ancient center of North Venice bright sunny day.



It looks a mstico and mysterious world. Between the poets we have: 1.Joo de a Cruz and Souza (Florianpolis SC 1861 – Station of Small farm MG 1898) free black Age, very humble, had life afflicted with many fights and sufferings. It had performed with care education. Frenchman, Latin, English and Greek learned. One dedicated the journalism and bureaucracy to it. Daybreak Games has many thoughts on the issue. He introduced the Symbolism in Brazil and was its bigger figure. In its workmanship it is distinguished revolt against the racial position, against the misery and the marginalizao where it lived. We go to find these requirements in ' ' Broquis' ' ' ' Faris' '.

In ' ' Last Sonetos' ' , we more see the conformed poet with the luck, looks for to transform its fight and suffering in heroicidade, is well more religious than before. Workmanships: ' ' Broquis' ' , ' ' Faris' ' , ' ' Last sonetos' ' , ' ' Missal' ' , ' ' Evocaes' ' , ' ' Unknown and dispersos' ' (Posthumous). 2.Alphonsus of Guimares (Ouro Preto MG 1870 – Mariana MG1921) Formed in Right was promotional and Judge. Its life in Mariana lived almost all. It had calm life in a religious, isolated environment of the literary ways. The journalism was dedicated to it and collaborated with ' ' Gazette of So Paulo ' '.

Its poetry impresses for the musicalidade and misticismo. The subject is divided between the love and the death, almost always inhaled in Constana, fianc precociously dead. Being based on the two subjects, we go to find a Alphonsus extremely spiritual. He was ' ' Solitary of Mariana' '. Workmanships: ' ' Mstica&#039 owner; ' , ' ' Kiriale' ' , ' ' Ardente&#039 chamber; ' , ' ' Septenrio of pains of Our Senhora' ' , ' ' Pastoral to the believers of the love and morte' ' , ' ' The stairs of Jac' '.