The time Lazaro raised the Cardinal red presidency who enters his majors profits is recognized by the expropriation of petroleum, to give benefits and to respond to the demands of the town between many more works. The Tata Lazaro very became a figure wanted by the town consolidating the Populism with which a species of political stability was obtained. With the years one went developing what we called Presidencialismo, political system in which the all-powerful figure is the representative power of the republic, so that the Mexican political system is the union in institutions of social groups of being able, the president consolidates like central figure and omnipotent, the town must accept the word of the president who is legitimized by the constitution. Today, the policy has been hyped. Each word and each smile have its cost in mass media same reason for which these have obtained an unmeasurable power. It is as well as now the policy controls the masses, by half of repetitive speeches and the omnipresence of the electoral propaganda. The abuse of this means has brought about in the societies a negative, disinterested attitude and of scorn. Now, besides the untiring hunting of social relations between the enterprise political elite, the politicians tend to look for an emotional connection , or to pretend it at least, with the town stops of such way to obtain its votes.

To that they obtain it connection, as already we clarified, thanks to the great expenses destined to mass media in propaganda; clearly it is necessary to stand out, that has decreed a new law in which the excessive use of the average ones for propagandistic aims will be reprobated, nevertheless we think that the publicity, as the humidity, filters by all sides, we will already see which will be the new advertising strategies during the following elections. It is as well as we can see that Mexico has happened through an extensive metamorphosis of its system of being able politician, happening through different types from persuasive and oppressive forces. We must learn of our history to create a system that adjusts to our citizen needs so that from such way the results are obtained that we wished development of a communitarian life, consensus, service and finally the obtaining of the social welfare.


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