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New Customers Rely On Borgmeier Public Relations

North German PR professionals win budgets by Logistep AG and coupons4u Hamburg in October 2009. Now, Borgmeier communicates Public Relations Hamburg for Logistep AG, pioneer of anti-Internet piracy, as well as for the gift voucher Portal coupons4u. The Hamburger PR … Continue reading

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The Law

This will only be possible for intermediary of an efficient management of the RH. Through abilities, assuming the comprometimento with the development of the people in the companies. To have an ample vision of the organization, vision that it adds … Continue reading


Markets CFDs

CFDs, or contracts for differences, although they are usual in the Spanish portfolios since 2007, still appear as a new and revolutionary way of trading before the more conventional alternatives. But to make this difference we must analyze what are … Continue reading


Brazil People

We must always offer valuable information for the people who arrive until ours blogs and sites so that they come to sign our lists of email marketing so that let us can start to create campaigns of email marketing come … Continue reading


Eric Hobsbawm

The quarrels on History and memory are always gifts in the academic communities. A sufficiently recurrent subject is the reflections on the dimensions of the memory, as well as its practical implications. For involving a psychological dimension the memory is … Continue reading


Management Currently

Therefore, it is necessary to place of side divergences and to look for to have a more positive attitude. 2,4 Management Currently manager not is only executive, but all professional apt to make management notable, that is that one that … Continue reading