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Any parent wants to make the birthday of their most expensive man – the child, best, fun, memorable experience. That the baby felt most happy, surrounded by loving care and attention. But unfortunately not all Parents remember that what seems … Continue reading

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Collective Transport

FOR: WHEAT PERLLA MENEZES the following article has as objective to become the way clearly of as if of the o service of collective transport in the city of $fortaleza, making the differentiation enters the forms of delegation of the … Continue reading


Jeffrey Goldstein

The risk rating agency warns that there is a 50% chance of that degrades us debt in the coming three months. Moody s puts in review the debt of EE UU. The Federal Reserve urged Congress to avoid a suspension … Continue reading

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Array Floor

What floor you choose? What a cover lay on the floor? Many of us remember how easy it was in Soviet times. See more detailed opinions by reading what Andreessen Horowitz offers on the topic.. Using the same flooring options … Continue reading

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President Santos

We celebrate the coming to the Huila of perhaps more emblematic the mediatic figure of our earth: Juan You cripple. We celebrated and it because it represents the deep Colombia, positive Colombia, enterprising Colombia, real Colombia, the Colombia that is … Continue reading


German Volunteer Association

German honorary e.V. and actor couple Robert and Angelika Atzorn support the actor couple art for charity and sponsors of the BMW art advent calendar, with the SOS Children’s village projects and promoted contemporary artists are the Club which takes … Continue reading

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In particular, our search of ways capable to foment the education for all must include consideraes on the form as the schools must be organized to support such efforts. I will approach this question, it wants under the cultural point … Continue reading



All women want to be beautiful and the makeup is a way to improve their appearance that helps them get the most. But to achieve the best results, we must keep abreast of and learn the keys to season makeup. … Continue reading


Clinical Laboratory Management

In a recent case of death from overwork, a computer specialist, the family has complained that the week before his death he had worked 71.5 hours, of which more than thirty were overtime. The various reported cases have different characteristics, … Continue reading