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Last European Union

EP is expected to create at the European Summit of 17 and 18 October and is emerging as a solution to the debt crisis. German Chancellor until now great enemy of Eurobonds, could recoil before scarce local electoral revenue that … Continue reading

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Argentina Republic

Simply they rely on the U.S. dollar as a way of protecting at least in part, their savings. Not only observed a strong slowdown in economic activity in recent months in Argentina, also has begun to observe a sensitive deterioration … Continue reading


Public Policies

According to the Secretary of State of Use, Mari Light Rodriguez. It assures that Spain has " an economy cclica". Between the months of September and December unemployment will raise. The Secretary of State of Use, Mari Light Rodriguez, has … Continue reading


FAZ Quot

According to the calculations of the main German financial institutions, the BCE acquired bonds of Italy and Spain by a considered value of 4,000 million. The BCE announces that it will buy Spanish and Italian national debt. The European Central … Continue reading


Colombian Government

This cut in the cost of gasoline, Surely it will help reduce the inflationary dynamics which is located in its interannual variation in 6.54%. In Colombia, on the other hand, alvaro Uribe directly excluded the possibility of reductions in the … Continue reading