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American Christopher Poole

17/08/2011 13h54 – Brought up to date in 17/08/2011 16h03 Godfather of memes says that culture of the Internet goes to dominate ' mainstream' Christopher Poole, creator of frum 4chan, participates of the YouPix, in SP. To the G1, it … Continue reading


Soviet Union

It should be noted that the subtext of many of the local jokes abroad will not not only funny, but generally unknown. Or here's another example. Baba Yaga as a character not found in any of even the most awful … Continue reading

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On Joint Stock Companies

Realizing the importance of the document signed by the shareholders, above all, necessary to define the concepts used. Otherwise it may lead to undesirable consequences in particular, even to a corporate standoff. However, as revealed in the application of shareholders' … Continue reading

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There is a Universal Spirit that manifests itself in the web and souls together in the shade. Things are not as they are, but how we remember. The first dialogue partner when you find on the net, is written by … Continue reading


One Evening

I like all of Nicholas snapped inside. As whether it is the world stood still. And in my head just one question: – 'How, how? It can not be. , just not with you. Why not? " Olga's voice was … Continue reading

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Website Promotion

To your website visitors linger on it, and did not leave and not finding the right information, you should pay attention to place texts. According to statistics, more than 80 percent of users fluently browsing the pages before stopping for … Continue reading