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Venezuelan Union Radio

If there is a book of recipes for preparing major economic crises, believe me that Hugo Chavez would be the author thereof. It is that the Venezuelan President every day added one ingredient to the explosive cocktail that is the … Continue reading


Central Bank European Space Agency

It is said that European institutions in Brussels, but the Champion not have built it s League and Erasmus grants (or orgasmus, according to connoisseurs in juvenile heartburn). It is true. Both developments have created an Unnamable students and football … Continue reading

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Foundation of LA culture dynamics of the personality differences individual La transformation of organization through the structuring and generating value-added through knowledge, brings with it major changes in the company’s systems, based on the innovation of human capital. New forms … Continue reading

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Research Center

9 Keep a favourable climate, to develop academic activities. 10 Build and expand an income return preparers that support academic action. 11 Keep a more dynamic vinculaion with the business sector and other organism, community, governance, State. It should the … Continue reading

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Explaining Fast Plans

It would appear peculiar to make greatly ated about plastic floor cover but in a manufacturing setting, this product or service isn t irrelevant at all. Floor cover is made use of in a host of techniques from marking spaces … Continue reading

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Deep Pit Black Tea

We know how difficult that is to forget someone, especially if they were very much in love. Why we want to help you with a spell to forget someone, but we must warn you that it’s one of the Magics … Continue reading

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Markets CFDs

CFDs, or contracts for differences, although they are usual in the Spanish portfolios since 2007, still appear as a new and revolutionary way of trading before the more conventional alternatives. But to make this difference we must analyze what are … Continue reading


Psychological Analysis

ANALISIS PSICOLOGICO series FRIENDS chapter: 43 EL DE LA CHICKENPOX change Transtheoretical Model based on j. Prochaska (C. DiClemente) (1983), and is used to predict and explain changes in addictive behaviors in subjects through a three-dimensional structure that includes: stages, … Continue reading

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Political Changes In Latin America

No one can be called free or happy without participating in the public power. Hannah Arendt. We are serving us in the present in the Latin American scenario, which has once again turned, favoring transformations, changes that cannot be ignored. … Continue reading



Insurance that you’re thinking about how you can make money online. I know what you think of an impossible dream, but today I’m going to explain the three steps to make money online from your home and be the boss … Continue reading

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