Political Changes In Latin America

No one can be called free or happy without participating in the public power. Hannah Arendt. We are serving us in the present in the Latin American scenario, which has once again turned, favoring transformations, changes that cannot be ignored. As citizens, actors in these scenarios, we can not pass by unnoticed, that in recent years, Latin American countries have generated political in some countries, that changes in some it seems that democracy, freedom, could be threatened according to the interests of the political parties who have reached power, leading to that manifests the appearance of turbulent scenarios with serious damages with regard to the economic, security, freedom and development. Countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela have given way to changes based on a socialist ideology that has generated serious concern, not just the inhabitants of those countries, who fear their scope, impact, but the rest of those in Latin America, since they consider that These changes entail a significant Division at the decision of countries such as Peru, Colombia, Chile, which wants already nothing with socialism, (as indicated by its last presidential election that has elected a President from right) tells us, Prof. Guillermo Cortes Lutz that the Latin America policy currently and historically has been in the hands of a small groupthe powerful, no matter its political sign. Yesterday I speak of chieftains, today speaks of barons, other denominations as patterns would also be valid, leaders, heads of trends, or the emergence of political entrepreneur, entrepreneurs to dry, millionaires, etc., that are in politics and participate in it with the eye of the owner, are all those who handled the reins of power, occupying the phrase of historian Sofia Correa. Taken into consideration points out Professor, what Marc Bloch, expressed when he said: the misunderstanding of the present, born fatally of ignorance of the past. As we ignore the past historic and hence political, we ignore that we have always been away from decisions and that the Latin American political class is an oligarchic caste that has handled policy for awhile which I think already excessive.


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