Introduction: First we see of what it consists to study efficiently. Basically one is to obtain the best results with: a minimum effort, the resources which you have and using the smaller possible time. What you need to study efficiently? First of all, I want decirte that any person in the heat of use of her mental faculties can study and do it of efficient way. Now we are going to see what you need or perhaps already you have partly: The place where you study invites you to it. Ideally he is quiet; comfortable; you have all the material to the reach (ball-point pens, pencils, rules, dictionary, notes, books, ); with good luminosity; et cetera. You handle with soltura technical of: Memorization, to store in your memory everything what you need, with little effort, of funny form and in just a short time? Fast reading, to save time and to serve the information in tray to the passage as Memorization? Study, management of the time and productivity, to remove the maximum benefit to your moments from reading, memorization, review and study generally? Relaxation, to enter a state of maximum productivity and concentration? Visualization (of your fulfilled objective). Very important to always have in mind which you obtain once you pass the test or examination that you are preparing yourself. Your motivation is high, which very little costs to maintain in that level if you apply techniques of Visualization? You are creative, reason why you solve dificultatdes with which you are (of an original way)? You are stable emotionally, so you can center all efforts in the task that you have ahead without being thinking most of the time about something negative that it decreases your energies? You have a high self-esteem, that facilitates the definitive work of all the anterioresEn: The unique thing that you need to study efficiently is? To know how how to do it and? To have the resources to your reach If you still do not have some of both previous you can obener the results that you wish. That yes, will cost to you more (much more in some cases) unless you learn and you put in practice concepts as the enumerated ones above. Mental map of the article (click to accede to the complete map): Original author and source of the article.


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