Live Better

The problems, difficulties and contrariedades that appear us in the life have a set of characteristics that is necessary to know and to include/understand appropriately to interact with them. This way much is facilitated the task of solving them. Luckyly the nature of the conflicts is not completely random: it has a structure, it responds to a mechanics, it presents/displays a state and an interdependent system with his surroundings. Its dynamics can be known in the same way that knows the one a natural phenomenon: a hurricane, a tornado, a storm. It can be understood how they form, how they develop, what so serious they are, whatever can last and what damages can cause. Like these other natural phenomena, can be predicted and give margin to the anticipation.

A problem can have the character of a tornado in the life of a person and thus it presents/displays a parallel of strong emotions: anxiety, distresses, fear. One of the few but transcendental differences that the problems maintain in their comparison with those phenomena of the nature, it totally justifies the attention that is due to render to them: it is known as they form, as they also begin and as they can finish. This last one is exactly what it does not get to determine itself in a natural phenomenon. To introduce itself in the deep knowledge of the nature of the problems is an investment that produces substantial yields. In her it is it jeopardize our quality of life and our potential of total accomplishment like people.

We know some aspects basic: First of all, it is important to differentiate the problems in themselves from its causes and their effects. First, that is to say the precise identification of the causes, constitutes the main factor to find the solution of the problem. Second, the identification and treatment of its effects, will determine if the solution can, or no, to carry out itself.


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