Griechentum Nietzsche

Thus, not to the human sort, but to the superman who is the proper overcoming of the morality for a new platform of the freedom, at last, the freedom in Nietzsche is the proper necessity that it impels to the human spirit to really become what we are. Nietzsche conclusion is a odd philosopher in the history of the philosophy, the proposal of the perpetual return as condition for the overcoming of the moralismo hides an interesting fact concerning its philosophy, namely, of that the proper Nietzsche surpassed the form to think and to explore the human being, this in what it refers to its true potentialities. The Freedom is not something that this is of the man, but inside, so that it is activated becomes necessary that this makes this return despertando in the imanncia of its being the dionisaco spirit. However, this movement of souvenir is not only enough is necessary to unmask present moralismo in the gift, from this Nietzsche factor presents the figure of a God died, of where all its asctico moralismo must be substituted by it appraises to the life in all its spheres. The great personage of this philosophy will be Zaratustra that will announce the figure of Beyond – the man of where if the conjuncture of the authentic exempt freedom of any norm sediments all not to be the proper genius or artist, proper I whom if she freely determines for the pure necessity of glorificao of its proper one to be revealed. At last, to adentrar in the thought of Nietzsche is really something challenging, but at the same time pleasant, therefore, it identifies in this thinker a proposal odd to all the history of the philosophy. In Nietzsche, we perceive a new form and perspective concerning the freedom, that in itself is not conquered, but despertada, therefore, is it fruit of a ticket amongst the bridge of the man for Beyond the Man. .


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