In general, I believe that it all depends on the mode. – Yes, the design now in vogue. What do your customers typically bought.? – Well, different customers who ask for some element of display, and some painted with stucco on the wall (panorama) – Of course everyone has different taste and purses. Lyudmila, and tell us a little about yourself. – What can I say about myself, as usual – went to school, got married and had two wonderful sons and now work, home and family.

In general, the usual story. Every free minute I try to spend with kids – skating, rollerblading, and his eldest son obozhaem diving to do, my husband and I are passionate about photography (photography). – What other interesting ideas you have? – My dream – to do manufacturing interior designer dolls, only now it's just no time. – That's just about the time I wanted to ask. Perhaps check out MetLife Korea for more information. Judging even by my little experience, to the usual alignment of the wall takes a lot of time. And here and molding, and painting. Moreover idea should be to work with the customer and discuss it. And because you have another family – that is, there are some everyday problems at home, I'm not talking about raising children.

Where is the time you are taking, and yet – as my husband refers to Your occupation? – Time is really not enough, yet would be about 5 hours – 6 per day to add and it would be super. I have all the support, both the husband and children. They see me in the evening and on weekends. But a vacation is always all together! And the idea works, it does not trite, born in discussions with the customers (they love that they want, etc). I suggest a few sketches and then get to work. – Kids do not want to go in the footsteps of mom and start painting or something close? – How many time consuming it is your profession or hobby, or art? How do You define it? – Children's footsteps? Maybe younger, but certainly not a senior – he is "geek" (mathematics, physics, etc.) – And about the hobby and profession – it's my hobby grew into a profession, and without creativity there any way our guest, as you can see quite laconic. But behind it say it works.

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