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So, it is the Bringing cheer to buying motives to track and then send the messages that are relevant to the respective customers – and thus his reward system. Keith McLoughlin has firm opinions on the matter. The key questions, which are therefore put before each sales call, are: which type is the customer? And how is ticking ‘ he emotionally? What wants and does he really need? What keeps it from our performance? And what starts it? How can we make our customers successful and so happy to make? And how do you know all this? Not at the green table, not through studies and statistics, but by dipping into the customer world and regular, open and trusting dialogue! We can see the people just in front of the forehead! Kundenfokussiert negotiate is: don’t think knowing what the customer needed and is useful, but observe and ask. So, a tiny detail of knowledge gives you the edge you need to make your competition for miles ahead then. The book on the subject of Anne M. Schuller successfully negotiate successfully sell how People and markets win BusinessVillage 2009, 224 pages 24.80 EUR D / 25.60 EUR A / 37.90 CHF ISBN-13: 978-3-938358-95-5 the author Anne M. Schuller is a management consultant and considered to be the leading expert for loyalty marketing.

Over 20 years, she has worked in senior sales and marketing positions of various international service industries and several awards. The diploma in business administration and eight-time book author is one of the best keynote speakers in the German-speaking world. You also works as a business trainer and teaches at several universities. You heard the excellent speakers’ to the circle. Her book customer proximity in the Executive Suite ‘ was awarded the Book Prize 2008. Their customers include the elite of German, Swiss and Austrian Economics. Contact:

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