How To Clean Windows

If you're going to invest in updating your windows, it's a great way to improve the appearance of your home! However, if your new windows are dirty, it loses its meaning. Why not give the best view windows, professionally clean up "? How often do people wash their windows? Ideally, the exterior windows must be washed away twice a year. Most likely, the spring and autumn – the best time to perform such work. In the Soviet box when he was in the spring pasted and thoroughly washed out. Autumn of the same before the warming in the winter, the procedure was repeated bathing. In the spring, after a long winter pores, the sun shines brighter and certainly hastens to please us with its rays. Nevertheless, dirty windows (especially the badly polluted water) can significantly hinder the penetration of our rooms are the very gentle rays.

According to some sources, dirty windows can hold more than 30% of sunlight! So how did the most effectively and simply wash the windows? Who found the Soviet era, served in the Army, etc., remembers the famous "method of the newspaper." According to this method, the window initially washed out, and then was polished dry newspaper. About effectiveness of such acceptance is possible to argue, but what force he chose abound, this is without a doubt! Holders of modern plastic windows would like to invite to forget "Grandma's method" at all. In today's market are fit for a more comfortable cleaning, for example, a scraper with a rubber nozzle and retractable handle. The tool makes it easy to cover an area of glass, not missing an inch and effortlessly remove moisture, together with mud. Tidy plastic window, or the so-called windows, in general much easier! Firstly, it is not within the dust and there is no need to unscrew the frame and wipe windows inside.

Secondly, the surface of these products are close to the ideal smooth and wash them might even be fun! Effective for dissolving and removing dirt will be suitable detergent diluted in warm water, which applied to the glass by injection. Any remnants of moisture from the frame or other places can be removed with a chamois cloth or similar material that absorbs moisture. In the course of washing windows is not superfluous to immediately wipe that drips and spills on the windowsill. Remaining at the time of the dirty water into a spot and can become numb to not be! Security measures! Even if you like the clean and capable of deeply fascinated process, not looks far out – you can lose your balance in seconds! If you are not tall and does not reach the top, do not invent all sorts of supports – with them very easy to fall! In such a case, the ideal and correct solution is to use the previously mentioned scraper with retractable handle. Attitude to washing windows as a serious and important matter and let them shine in purity!


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