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Structural strength of couches is within the scope of their intensive use. The prices of these massage tables begin with the nine thousand. Purchase inexpensive massage tables requires a careful approach. Otherwise, you can buy low-quality goods produced in Russia or China, whose life leaves much to be desired. These fakes are an attractive low cost, and decorated with a lot of accessories, most of which were made only to attract customers and does not matter.

These couches are fragile construction, which in operation quickly breaks down and shaken. As a result, the couch will always have to repair or change to another. Which, of course, will require additional costs and time-consuming and nerves. Therefore, when buying a folding massage table is necessary to pay attention to how reliable it is metal, wood or duralumin construction, whether or not the couch height and any accessories in it present. All the additional elements of the massage table should be as functional and easy to use.

As for the weight of the massage table, it does not matter much. Tables in massage parlors, as generally not carried from place to place too often. In addition, heavy construction couches known more reliable than the couches of the lungs. For greater convenience and practicality of massage tables shall be provided with tuning Office for the back and headrest. In cheaper models of products available, but they are usually ill-suited for different types of massage and beauty treatments. By quite as acceptable and convenient in this regard cheap models include the couch Vision Juventas 2" and Vision Juventas Deluxe. Prices of these products – ranging from twelve to fourteen thousand. However, intensive work will approach the Finnish folding massage tables Fysiotech. They have strong duralumin frames, are easily formed and decomposed when transferring and installing the tables. This transformation provides the possibility of folding struts, whose role in the remaining models are inexpensive cables. It is worth couch Fysiotech twenty-five – twenty-nine thousand rubles. The success of the massage parlor depends on the quality of installed equipment in it. Therefore, choose a massage table needed for these reasons. Do not be sorry to him for money – will be quite some time and they are multiplied many times, go back. The publication is made on the article 'equipment massage parlor. "

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