Machine Embroidery Basic Stitches

How to unwind muline.Dlya machine embroidery floss nerezanoe suitable length of 20 meters. With skein floss remove control and straighten it all dlinu.Na Winding device machine set bobbin. After this skein of pulling one strand floss, hold it between thumb and index finger of his left hand. End of thread wound onto a bobbin mounted on the device Winding machines, start the car and clew up one of the six strands floss. The remaining skein yarn fold into a helix. After winding the first wire coil straightened out along the entire length, pull the end of the second strand, and also wound on the bobbin.

So all the threads unwound skein. The main seams. Suture "Cushion." This is a basic stitch machine embroidery. For its implementation on a contour drawing scribbling a line, two or three blows needle perpetuate additional linings and thread. setting along the lines of, sheathe it, striking alternately with one or the other.

The stitches should go smoothly and tightly. Seam "mound." This joint machine embroidery is part of a small spiral line that is used to fill the background of the picture, as well as for decoration outlines the major components. Perform a spiral stitching on the different density: to fill the background line is laid thickly, and the subsequent series comes to the previous, and for processing units and the line is placed exactly rare – so called "bead stitch. Sutures "Eight" and "." These machine embroidery stitches hold small stitches are used to fill the background and details of the picture. Seam "scale." This joint machine embroidery are also doing fine stitching thread that is different from the tone of the color of fabric. If you need to make a line of relief it was treated with a roller.


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