Botanist Lifestyle Worldview Puzzle Phenomenon

Botany outlook is markedly different from looking at the life of the average person. The common man with his value system, a healthy laziness and craving for pleasure, it is difficult to understand botany. Fanatical commitment work, full commitment botany at the expense of other interests sometimes suggests that in addition to work, a botanist knows no other hobbies. This is not surprising. Institute, work, sleep, and sometimes personal life always make the layman located in urban areas. It was not his fault that he has to wander around the city and the rest only in the four walls of the window watching the gray cityscape. And when you're literally one day at a frenzied grind of city life, already no strength to think about the proper rest. I want to go to bed and sleep, so tomorrow we will again put itself at the mercy of.

It would seem, the situation appears hopeless. But here this man just comes to the aid of a botanist. Landscape Design Studio "botanist" designs landscaping suburban areas, gardens and park ensembles, performs landscaping in urban areas. Landscape and gardening is not only taking into account artistic demands for planting flowers, trees and shrubs, a harmonious combination of small architectural forms and bright plants. The studio of landscape design distinguishes the scientific approach to planting and sale landscaping projects. In addition to the compositional compatibility plants, ponds and flower gardens, is taken into account purely biological compatibility of crops, soil characteristics, climate, and specific requirements plants to moisture and heat. "Botanist" will help to create, improve and draw interesting and decorative natural water on your site. Bright flowerbeds in the design of ponds and small architectural forms will be created under Your requirements in color and style.

The construction of gazebos, pavilions and other small architectural studio of landscape design professionals, "botanist" and turn a beautiful bright garden to the house. Ponds and flower gardens, trees, construction of small architectural forms, the calculation section of sidewalk tile or stone pavement – it's not full service studio "botanist". If your estate landscape is decorated with a natural body of water, thanks to your design and studio professionals, "botanist" it can become a compositional center of the topography. We can help you arrange tasteful natural or ornamental pond, and with pleasure will create on your site ornamental pond. Dedication, hard work and sacrifice, "Botanica" is not left unattended. For landscaping the courtyard hotel ALEXANDER HOUSE at the exhibition "City and Flowers 2006", "botanist" won first place in the category "Improvement of yards." Anyone who has ever worked with a botanist, were amazed at his honesty and dedication, creativity and high artistic taste. The surest way to gain appreciation their work in their own eyes and the eyes of others – to trust her botany. Then we can be one hundred percent sure that the work will be done perfectly. Outlook botany – one of the biggest mysteries all times. We will never understand botany. But is it necessary?

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