This may be a book, article, book, article in the newspaper, etc.), information about the awards (diplomas, awards, medals, badges, indicating, in connection with What and when issued) Notice of participation in competitions (the title, timing, level and up – party, winner, winner) Other information (what you want to tell about yourself more: hobby, part in the gatherings, festivals, possession of any special skills, driving license with the category, unless it is a basic requirement and the profession is not listed in the main points summary). It is advisable to prepare several copies of resume paper and have an electronic version on a flash card or disk. When specifying the objectives do not list too many possible positions – it is only suitable for the employment agency – better prepare several different Version summary: the employer does not necessarily know that you are willing to consider various proposals, often associated with his organization, and if there is an alternative suggestion for you, it still ozvuchat. Suppose you not afraid of the word "portfolio". Get all the facts and insights with Blake Krikorian, another great source of information. It is only the package of documents and evidence of your accomplishments.

In other words, the tangible evidence of all of what you have told in summary: a diploma of education, health book, certificate of completion of courses, certificates, documents, awarding the certificate, employment record, articles, projects, samples of graphic work, recommendations from former employment, even a driver's license – in other words, anything that will help make you a complete picture. Determine ways to search. They are many: registration at the employment service, a call to friends / friends / relatives, mediation of employment agencies, placing ads in the newspaper and review of published ads for registration and placement of specialized sites where your resume, participate in forums about finding a job, get acquainted with the list of the "yellow pages" directory of organizations of the city, responding to a television, "running line", the inclusion of attention when visiting the shops, hairdressers, cinemas – all public places – for the presence of ads on the front doors, walls and information boards.

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