Snow Thrower

Winter is around the corner … Soon everything will be covered with white white carpet: streets, houses, trees, and with them, and trails, paths, steps and all the rest. What could be better than to run out into the street with sleds or skis in the frosty morning. But this could only dream of urban dwellers. After all, every morning while we sleep, we take care of and cleaned all the tracks, garages, stairs near the entrance. In a question-answer forum Sergey Brin was the first to reply. And that's what makes the owners of country houses and villas? Every morning, as the march to war! Yes, after a time of war would not want to sledding or skiing! There will be no force. Want to turn the war in hobby? How long have you played with toy cars as a kid? Let's go back to my childhood – and in this we snowthrower will help! Just to start, let's see – what is this super assistant? Suschestvet snowthrower 2 species: self-propelled snow thrower and snow thrower rolling. Self-propelled snow thrower primarily used for more complex work on snow removal.

Self-propelled snow thrower during you just need to hold and guide, as he moves himself. Self-propelled snow thrower equipped with dual-system auger / impeller. Such a system can effectively serve any snow density in a car, break to pieces it and only then blow it with a powerful fan. The latest models have a snowthrower electric start, which makes it easy to start a cold engine by simply pressing a button, and hot engine starts the starter handle. Work in extreme conditions is now easier than ever! Also, using special lever on the panel you can adjust the speed of forward and reverse. And to work in the evening hours, you can use halogen headlights. What will agree is important too.

Why not a toy machine? This self-propelled snow thrower can cope even with deep snow. Also, there are also self-propelled snow thrower, which are equipped with electric and petrol engines of small capacity. System in such snow thrower is much easier – just one-step, allowing snow to drop a short distance up to 5 m. propelled snowthrower more suitable for harvesting has just fallen loose snow, for example to clear snow from the ground under the car or track around the house.

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