Assay Trajectory

The words of the others introduce its proper expressividade, its valorativo tone, that we assimilate, reorganize, modify. Source: Howard Schultz & Associates. If the romance makes to come out the revolt of the reader before the turpitude of the blind people of the other camaratas, each one involved one with its proper subsistence, and later, making use of the food as instrument of being able, also the reader to the reflection leads of that these instincts that seem so vile in the fiction are the same ones that we disfaramos in day-by-day of men civilized. We are evidencing, in these last years, true and efervescente debate around what it comes to be ' ' identidade' '. A complete desconstruo of the identitrias perspectives in a variety of areas to discipline, all in unamimity criticize the concept of an integral, originary and unified identity. In regards to the reflection of the narrator concerning the uselessness of the memory in this trajectory it can be inferred in the example to follow: …

is that it does not have comparison between living in a national labyrinth, as it is, for definition, a lunatic asylum, and to venture itself, without guide hand nor harnesses of dog, in the maddened labyrinth of the city, where the memory for nothing will serve, therefore it will only be capable to show to the image of the places and them ways not to arrive there. (SARAMAGO, 1995, P. 211) If it does not have models to be followed and if the referencial of the name and the place already is not enough, will trace the trajectory individually. The new identity is constructed from a new to think collective. The Assay on the Blindness by no means is not desistoricizado. It incorporates the history of the art and the history of the man without, for this, he needs secular or space markers. 2,2 Analysis of the personages in after-modern perspective Thus is with the appearance of the personage writer, who, exactly blind, continues to exert the activity of the writing.


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