The Basis

All this improves the user experience, it gives you credibility and some security. A domain name reinforces that credibility of users in what they offer. Things you need to know to register a domain in the first place, the annual price of a domain name is quite low, which implies that it is affordable for the majority of people who have a website. It is true that it varies by country, in Spain for example can register for a price between 9-10 euros and 20 approximately. Once in a while there are offerings that allow you to get domains cheaper still, and there are also companies that charge you more for them if you leave yourself.

The point is to compare prices and services. It is very important that the company ensure you have control over the domain, being able to modify the address that point the DNS if you wish and be listed as owner of the same. Otherwise you can have problems to direct it to another hosting, renew it, etc. Don’t worry if you find to search for a domain name for your website that words that you wanted are already registered. Very often, the key is finding a balance between originality and practice. For example, you can to your local flower shop come you very well have the domain, but it is caught, so you can try, or things similar. Finally, remember that the domain name registration is not for life, have to be attentive every year to renew it and not to spend the term, or otherwise someone could get ahead and renew it to its name, which means that will have lost it all the work you’ve done on the basis of that domain. Original author and source of the article


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