Business Management Historical Facts

Automation of business – it's not just the ability to spend less time and effort, but also reduce costs, and it became clear in our country in the fifties. It was then started on the development of these systems, and then introduction. Although, to say that implementation has been extensive – means to lie, what were your obstacles. We are talking about the then expensive electronic machines (computers). Electronic equipment – the ultimate dream, badly in need of it air defense, so, at least, considered the supreme community. Before that it seemed impossible to resolve so that complex tasks and to handle such a large amount of information through a computer.

Technique developed for the defense was brilliantly all the tests. Moreover, this technique was only an experimental sample, but that did not stop to stun all effectiveness of its work. That is, scientists have proved that effectiveness of this treatment is worth all the effort. These systems have helped us to beat the American brothers, approximately ten years in the field of defense. But everything in this life changing, and the cost of equipment changed for the better, this has led to the development of other systems, given the existing base. Management of the organization with the help of machines was feasible.

This allowed more efficient use of resources a favorable impact on enterprise efficiency. Now you do not need to download the workers of enterprises and uncreative, I must say, boring and tedious operations. Let's automated workflow much makes it easy. If in the 60th, the government listened Glushkov (academic) and the ACS has created the country's economy, but today things would be different. In those years it was necessary to allocate 20 billion rubles. and about a year for twenty years planned implementation would be over. But the Soviet government decided that the problem is more important and the money for this program are not listed. As a result, not the West is equal to us, and we are trying to catch-up and overtake the West in development. Western governments did not feel sorry for such a deal of money and time, they began to translate the program into practice back in the seventies. Attachments proved themselves more than expected. Proof is the level of western production.


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