Language Guarani

Fernando de la Mora, 21 August 2009. N 13.108.-National Edition 24TH of August, month of the GUARANi language (fourth stage) on behalf of the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI, am pleased to write to you, in order to very cordially invite you to participate in the acts provided for in the fourth stage of the National Edition 24TH of August, month of the GUARANi language, which this year takes place in adherence to the acts commemorative of the bicentennial of the Republic of the Paraguay. Then the program corresponding to the fourth stage (22-28 August): * Saturday 22 – FOLKLORE day 08: 00 hs FNDO. MULBERRY – At the Central Headquarters of the ATENEO remembrance day of the Folklore and the Guarani language. Telefuturo 08: 00 hs ITUZAINGO (CORRIENTES, ARGENTINA) MAGNIFIER program at school No. 966 workshop standardisation of spelling Guarani in the Mercosur.

Coordinator: Prof. Jorge Kunumi Gomez 08: 00 hs ITAUGUa (CENTRAL) in the premises of the ATENEO Nomongeta guasu Tavarandu has Guarani ne ere. Coordinator: Abog. Juan Domingo Silva. 8: 00 hs TOVATI (CORDILLERA) in the school Pedro Juan Caballero seminar followed by artistic Festival Folklore. Coordinator: Mg. Felipe Nery Miranda 08: 00 hs NATALIO (ITAPuA) – in the basic school Reverend Richard Musch Ne epoty has kaso nemombe u. Coordinator: Mg.

Ramona Ayala Colman 08: 00 hs CORONEL OVIEDO (KA AGUASU) at the Instituto El Amanecer Festival and craft exhibition, typical meals. Coordinator: Lic. Eulalia Benitez de Leguizamon 08: 00 hs Center (ASUNCIoN) in the premises of the Regional (Herrera 963 c / USA) seminar on the Guarani language and Arts Festival. Coordinator: Mg. jungle Acosta 08: 00 hs LUQUE (CENTRAL) – in the direction of culture of the municipality folk walk and Arts Festival (music, dance, poetry and Kasos). Coordinator: Mg. Luis Lugo 08: 00 hs SANTA ROSA del AGUARAY (SAN PEDRO) – in the premises of the ATENEO Festival Art and craft exhibition.


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