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No. 9, Sodium Phosphoricum Schussler Salt

Schussler Salz No. 9 the homeopathic working medium is sodium Phos biochemistry based after the physician Dr. Wilhelm Schussler. In addition to the 12 function means the 15 supplements can complement, as the name suggests, the application. (Not to be … Continue reading

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Healing Massages

Anti-stress weapon number 3. Relaxing massage in the office kedroplastovom Strategy stress: crept imperceptibly, he put his paw on the immune system – you can not get out of the common cold, tormented by a chronic cough, lack of oxygen … Continue reading


Blood Glucose Test Strips Should Be Paying

New G-BA-resolution discussion who is ill to diabetes type 2 and regularly embrace blood glucose test strips can be must pay them well in the future themselves. So far, measuring aid were issued free of charge per recipe. This is … Continue reading

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