Healing Massages

Anti-stress weapon number 3. Relaxing massage in the office kedroplastovom Strategy stress: crept imperceptibly, he put his paw on the immune system – you can not get out of the common cold, tormented by a chronic cough, lack of oxygen giddy, galloping pressure tactics : all the taiga! And if next to it does not, then – in kedroplastovy office. Kedroplast – is a unique 100% natural material from the resin of pine and cedar cones. Inside the cabinet aromas soar napoennogo sun coniferous forests and their satellites: very useful volatile and flavonoids – a formidable enemy of harmful bacteria. A pure ozone is not less than in this taiga. Lying down – and relax: you will do a gentle massage under the soft music and nature sounds Win: Incredibly, fact: 40 minutes massage at the office are kedroplastovom day spent in the taiga, and 10 visits per month – a season away from civilization. Anti-stress weapon 4. Hypoxic treatment strategy for stress: he is an evil genie, flying in smog of big cities, winds in the smoke of cigarettes, biting the heels of those who do not have time for leisure and sport. Tissues of the body as the air needed of course, the air itself, but clean. The most terrible consequence of living in "Incorrect" atmosphere – premature aging of the whole organism. The tactics of struggle: a look at the vigorous into old age inhabitants of the mountains. The secret of their active longevity – a rarefied atmosphere.


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