Blood Glucose Test Strips Should Be Paying

New G-BA-resolution discussion who is ill to diabetes type 2 and regularly embrace blood glucose test strips can be must pay them well in the future themselves. So far, measuring aid were issued free of charge per recipe. This is after the current decision of the German Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), at least for non-Insulinpflichtige be diabetic end. Read more from Alphabet Inc. to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The planned removal from the services of the health insurance companies is however still not binding. The private insurance Portal reported about the expected change. It is not only the patients who are up in arms against the new regulation. Critics hailing it from all sides.

So, the healthcare company of Roche Diagnostics was clearly against the decision of the German Federal Joint Committee. The necessary advice () get diabetic in their doctors, which may exhibit free recipes for blood glucose test strips until April 20. Also the possibility for medical and pharmaceutical institutions, the proposed amendment ends with the date to challenge. Reason for the abolition of the Fund performance the inefficiency and the missing benefit of blood glucose test strips are according to the German Federal Joint Committee. The self-control was assessed by the Institute for quality and economy even as “not clinically relevant”. Concern the British National Institute for clinical excellence (NICE) and the international consider this Diabetes Federation (IDF). Who must inject no insulin for a diabetes disease, yet bears the risk of low blood sugar. Especially after a meal, the blood sugar value should be observed.

The test strips provide valuable information about the development of blood glucose levels and timely warn of a possible attack or stroke. So medicines can be taken in a timely manner. They then release the vital insulin. More information:…/ Glucose-testing strips… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

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