Sicily Amount

It's no secret that the Italians – the terrible players. There are two diseases: football and the lottery. As in the regional centers, and in most towns on a daily basis tiddly bought an insane amount of lottery tickets in hopes of to win the cherished amount. And what can we say about the poor areas of the country, such as Sicily, where old and young, constantly rubbed coin lottery ticket, hoping to find similar numbers, cherished codes … It figures that are spent on raffle tickets are enormous, many literally lose all their pension money earned or just playing … And every time, every player hopes to FINALLY win at least something. And quite unexpectedly, 23 October Catania won the lotto jackpot, worth more than ever won in all of Italy – EUR 100 million! What survived the owner promised a ticket to learn about winning, hard to pass: screams, squeals, and necking kissing everybody: friends and strangers, and rapid celebration for the entire quarter. Naturally the event has become the focus of newspapers and television, the poor man even had to hide, to remain unrecognized in the streets (Journalists working cleaner detectives hoping to find the lucky winner and get his exclusive interview), however, the owner of the kiosk, which was bought by the "gold" tickets, too, was lucky to have written it in virtually all publications referring to his shop as "winning." Needless to say that the clientele has grown master in no time:) There is now hanging sign, indicating that here was won by an incredible amount. The host himself admitted that do not count on such advertising.

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