Wedding Business: The History

Weddings are always playing, because they symbolize a happy life further two people have a family. Of course, weddings in one or another year, was organized in different ways. It's always interesting to know what wedding dresses worn by our grandmothers, what was the script of the wedding of 50, 100 years ago. So the exhibition devoted to the wedding, cause permanent interest. One of them – the "Topography of happiness: a Russian wedding late XIX beginning of the XXI century "was opened in the complex Tsarina, a favorite venue for weddings. See platenachala XX century – as if to try it, imagine yourself a bride at the time.

You can wander for a long time for the exhibition, looking at the exhibits, learning the history of things. See, for example a miniature clothes, shoes, hat and gloves. Is the date of the year -1909. A century ago, these things are put on the bride and groom – the school teacher. Wedding Dress teacher kept all his life. Even with evacuation from Leningrad when it was necessary to take only the most necessary, it saved only a bag of things, among whom was this dress.

Another dress – a very modest one, in the flower sewn back in 1941. Then the bride was not put on – the day of marriage, June 22, he volunteered for the groom to the front. But after 10 years of marriage is gone! And the bride, who waited for their loved one was in this very dress! Cvoya history and have one more dress 70's with a lush nylon skirt. Attire is considered lucky, because it married 5 girls. There is a sign – the more the future wives wear the same dress, so it is happier. So if mom will offer to their wedding dress, seriously think before you give up … Well, of course, the exhibition shows contemporary chic outfits. For example, a great wedding dress designer collections Yudashkin. Of course, not just wedding Dresses attention. You can enjoy the ritual mirrors, chandeliers, girls' crests look personnel records Komsomol weddings shot in the 20s of XX century. Among the rarities – the invoice for sewing dowry fashionable St. Petersburg salons "Olga" in the distant 1916. 1850 rubles for a wedding dress, elektrikglyase dress coats, veils and other things. Who could have guessed how soon the change will take place in Russia … and Rarity coupon for scarce things that stood out to young during the Soviet era. It turns out that to find a ticket for the show was pretty difficult! Maybe in 50 years on a similar exhibition will be among the exhibits and one of the dresses or things present brides – modern girls also have something to surprise you!

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