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According to the wishes of the owner of a new apartment, on the layout proposed by the designer house, it was necessary to get rid of and primarily concerned the living room and kitchen are in the planning of shared premises area of 47 m2 on two conditional zone. In the area of the living room it was decided to take the place fireplace and piano, as well as provide a recreational area, which, includes a sofa and two chairs and a TV with all the associated audio-video equipment. Other half space subjected to the same zoning, and then included a dining area is traditionally located at the window, and kitchen, from which the actual and lined the entire interior. The fact is that, kitchen furniture has impressive dimensions and requires the posting utilities – electrical outlet on hood, oven, etc. Therefore, it ordered more in the planning stage in the design studio Atlas Deluxe (model Attica) With poluarok and smooth lines of the ceiling, the designer managed to emphasize and delineate functional areas, each of the zones, whether kitchen or living room, highlight its special kind of processing without cluttering prostranstvo.Po According to the customer, have a fireplace in the house – it's an old dream and really want, what would it necessarily true.

But how has a fireplace and a kitchen in one room and store, the general style of the interior to the same shops are only standard (mass) design options for fireplaces (portals)? It is this problem to be solved designer. So there was the original form of a fireplace that meets the general stylistic orientation space, which besides the main their purpose is the boundary between kitchen and living room areas. Multivariate illumination provided by various combinations of illumination, and is implemented by spotlights, two chandeliers and fluorescent ceiling lights, complemented the separation of functional areas and has made its own distinction in the visual perception of interior room and kitchen. This results in a spacious, cozy and very comfortable interior, not burdened excesses, and at the same time not suffering from a lack of decor. Sketches and photos of the implemented project site design studio 'New Style' discussion on the forum

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