Philosophical Economic Manuscripts

This cycle demarcated the propitious field of influence to the sprouting of the taylorismo while method. 2 Procedures of the Research the research consisted of the examination of some workmanships, that turn on questions specify as: The German Ideology, Philosophical Economic Manuscripts, both of Karl the Marx, who specifically deal with the dependence of the man in relation to the means of production. A workmanship of introductory philosophy was also used, aiming at to contribute for the understanding of the ideological context, in which the marxism appeared. In regards to the taylorismo three workmanships had been used as references: General theory of the Administration, Sociology of the Organizations and General Theory of the Administration of Maximiniano, Silvio Luiz of Oliveira and Fernando Claude You give to Motta and Isabella Gouveia de Vasconcelos, respectively. In the referring part to the Industrial Revolution, the used workmanships they had been Science, Technique and Capital and Century XX and marxist theory of the process of Work. Other workmanships as: There Hoy Philosophy, Introduction to the Right, and the Rules of the Sociological Method, had served of base whenever references to the social aspects had become, psychological and human in the research. 3 the influence of Karl Marx in the modern thought Karl Heinrich Marx was born in Trier, the Rennia, then province of the Prssia, in 5 of May of 1818, sufficiently conflituosa time regarding vises world. For the fact of if thinking about hegelianos terms – idealistic dialectic – the concernentes reflections to the man, the society and the organizations, were conditional to a determinista conception: the man was rationally born apt to become what it is; all the forms of enxergar the human element were molded by a perspective where a species of abstract rationality reigned, the same it did not have to be able exactly on itself and it could not transform the world into which he was inserted; the transformations if gave before everything in the sphere ideal, the materiality of the world was conditional to a priori structure that it determined what it would go to occur in the world ‘ ‘ real’ ‘ , it is what Marx criticizes when affirms: ‘ ‘ The philosophers had interpreted the world of different forms, when what he interested of truth, were transform-lo.’ ‘ Mainly had the strong influence of the Kantismo in the European thought, an idealistic philosophical tradition was consolidated for more than a century, that prioritized the search of ‘ ‘ verdade’ ‘ established ideally, in detriment of always passvel reality of changes and transformations; after the death of Kant in 1804 this legacy passed to the hands of Hegel, that interpreted the world in dialticos terms, (changes, transformations, transitoriedade etc.), however always standing out the absence of place in the world concrete for the man, what for Marx constitua in a errnea and maken a mistake vision when says: ‘ ‘ the man is not acovardado abstract being outside of mundo.


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