New Fashion Meritocracia

Study of case For: Andrea Alexander Dos Santos the meritocracia programs recognize the best employees, with the results that they bring for the company and stimulate, motivating them to continue the same it with performance, the question are to separate the joio of the wheat, those whom really they bring resulted and they want to grow, are one of the main objectives of the management of people. What also it is a trend and nor a little positive, after that Brazil if developed in terms of producing country, is the reality of the work escravocrata, in day 12 of April of the 2011, Brasiliense Post office notified that in the workmanships of the CAP in the interior of So Paulo, conditions had been found sub-human beings of services, that are being investigated for the Public prosecution service, overcrowded places, with little ventilation, that historically bring workers of Alagoas and the Maranho. Who folloies the news of the working area knows I number that it of moral assdios are increasing, the excuse is the competition for vacant, excuses the part, knows that it even happens with competent employees and that they also search the growth professional. Professional growth is what the companies must and are searching, to hold back talentos, the experience has shown that to take care of of ' ' its pessoal' ' , it brings benefits, here it is that the management of people has that to walk with the new challenges that are: ascension of classroom C, increase I number of it of people who desire the education level superior. It is a penalty that the meritocracia is a reality only of the high step, reading a magazine of YOU, we find the alert one to take care of better and with more dignity, the terceirizados ones, remembering as the companies that they terceirizam, if benefit, inside this choice of terceirizar or not.


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