Anita Owner

She was after the lunch and all we find odd that Anita Owner was not in its table, but also it was passing for some misfortunes, secretary of the direction was making a After-graduation in the management area was without a person who looked at its children and to complicate it was making its Work of Conclusion of Course. Already they were two and half of the afternoon, the Director already had fond with some suppliers for a surprise meeting. The cellular telephone of the Maria touches. – Ei Maria I am it Anita. He said baixinho as if he was in a tunnel. – Where you this? The Dr.

Carlos arrived and asked for you. – I know, am here, in the conference room and I cannot leave because it this with much people in the room! – As you entered in this, you were worried. Thanks to God you this well! – Well nothing! He arranges a skill of it to leave the room, a fire, false alarm, any thing, please! Maria was stuned had that to help to the friend and not wise person as to go off the fire alarm, this idea would be coffin and black candle. To invent some thing any, But what? Suddenly if it hears a high sound of buzzer that echoed as a buzzer desperate for the building, Anita was terrified and asked same itself what the crazy one of the Maria made? We are dismissed, must not have said this. now? Maria looked at for the door and all were leaving, waited a little and left behind.

When it went down the stairs it thought its job and about the one of the friend and complained of to have given the unhappy idea. No longer point of meeting and abandonment found Maria and was soon saying: – What you made I you were playing, sees the confusion that I arranged we vacate the entire building, is fries! – Calm Anita! I did not make nothing, you saved by the gong! – What do you mean? – Today it is the training of the fire brigade! How you were imprisoned in the room? – I count Later you, necessary to run. Anita made the way in return for the emergency stairs, went up as an insane person for four floors, everything this to arrive before the Dr. Carlos in the conference room. When it arrived already was all arranged good. Dr. Carlos forgives the delay, but this everything ok! Lack some thing? – This perfect one, as always, but of the next time it places the alarm-clock! The Director entered in the room with a shy smile sings in it of the mouth, certainly remembering the time where in the interval of the lunch he slept in the room of the C.P. D only place at that time, beyond the room of the Director, who had conditional air in a company. My name is Z Iscritrio and taste to write on what it happens in the world of the offices. (Peter Pablo Galindo Morales is Technologist in Management, Postgraduate in Controladoria, Technician in Contabilidade and Blogueiro, pedropaulomorales@


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