Hertz Car

From the history of the first companies started to engage in such kind of services like car hire have been established in Moscow for over 50 years ago. It was a small firm with a small park-hand vehicles, oral rules, as generally very high rates for their services. But there were organizations involved in this new activity for a brief time. A second attempt to master the car rental market emerged in the early 90's. Despite the potentially high demand and successful foreign experience, the process was rather slow, and the end of the century, car rental service extended only five megacities.

Leading positions were occupied in mainly large foreign chains such as Hertz, and the total number of companies, even the players on the Moscow market barely reached ten. Rental cars belonged to the category of VIP-services. The main clients were foreigners, but most popularity enjoyed the service delivery of cars for rent with a driver. Ended this phase of the crisis of 1998, when the majority of small companies went bankrupt, and large foreign chains have suffered great losses. The third stage automotive service market development started in 2001, and several years later turned into an independent industry with growth rates of 25-30% per year. Now and can not remember when the car is no longer the prerogative of the upper class and became usual means of transportation for thousands of people. Imagine life without a car is now very difficult: a trip out of town, to friends, meeting a business partner at the airport – with the car, these things take place easily and without unnecessary efforts.

However, there are situations where private car use is not possible. Especially for out of this situation, there is a service lease vehicles: emergency car hire with driver, bus rental with driver. Each of these services will find their consumers. Rent a bus (bus rental) – ideal for trips to the big company celebration, a city tour, corporate party, the various professional seminars and exhibitions. For various business trips around the city and region, as well as for a wedding celebration the best solution is to rent a car with a driver. The car's prestige class with a professional driver – is not only a part of your good image, but also ease of movement. Rental services can not be overemphasized, because it is impossible to overestimate the comfort and convenience. Today the main consumer rental services in St. Petersburg are the representatives of the Russian middle class, preferring relatively inexpensive but high-quality cars with a set of additional features. In this case, car rental conquers all more popular among the mass of the Russian consumer.


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