Economic Dependency

Economic exploitation are generally concerned with making money, either for charitable purposes or for the benefit of the Centre. One of their favorite methods consists of emphasize on the lack of ego, greed, the emptiness, to then relate it with as ensuring personal well-being involves much less merit in comparison with those who you share everything with the community in favour of the Dharma. They teach that sacrifice themselves for the good of the organization is much better to invest our money elsewhere. 4 Use of fear and intimidation religious sects could make use of bullying both as public as in private in order to keep its members in line.

Particularly weak individuals or those facing problems are personal particularly susceptible to this type of abuse. Through his charisma, the leaders of the sect are followers to empathize with those who present a problem. When the leader gets upset and uses words hurtful or rises in tone, they give to understand this as an expression of love and very intense compassion. And when the Member in question is also pressed to modify their behavior by the leader and other members, it is there where intimidation is completed. As a result members of the sect are in a continuous battle in feel accepted by others and maintain their status within the group. Brain almost all Buddhist sects 5.Lavado make use of certain techniques to alter the mind as they could be meditations, teacher fear, fear of the bad karma and emotional manipulation as a way to brainwash of the members so that they remain in the Congregation. These leaders in turn also are adept at creating remorse in people with attacks of conscience. Instead of guiding the student to strengthen its personal resolution to face their inner demons, it will cultivate ideas about the release of these through the support of the community, thus perpetuating the dependency to the group.


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