Energy Conservation

Yes, and it is unlikely that he strictly adhered to: in Central Russia in the markets all the way the same will be sold to Belarus incandescent lamp, the Urals – the Chinese. It is possible that probe will turn a blind eye to violations, for a small amount of cash – the lamp's not drugs, right? Law on Energy Saving: Ecology Ecology – a separate issue: mercury in compact fluorescent lamps in hundreds or thousands of times smaller than a broken thermometer, also in combined form. However, this does not eliminate the problem of disposing of such lamp.Zakon on energy conservation: common parts electricity and heat the second problem, which will display the law on energy saving, is associated with the housing legislation. If you type in an apartment house have Accounting obschedomovoy device (such as electricity, heat), the difference between his testimony and the testimony of individual meters (in-house loss) shall be distributed proportionately among all residents readings of individual meters. More info: J P Morgan Chase. The Law on Energy Conservation requires all apartment buildings to equip obschedomovymi devices already January 1, 2012. Not only that, the apartment owners have to pay for the installation not cheap metering of electricity, heat, water and gas, so more and electricity bill, as experience shows, will grow by 15-20%. All theft inside an apartment building, "unofficial" Connection in-house networks of different owners and tenants, connected houses adjoining garages and billboards – all at once to the surface, "smearing" of receipts honest tenants. This practice has caused a number of local conflicts between tenants, management companies and power companies, where the rate of housing legislation tried to apply the energy saving bukvalno.Zakon: Growth rates for people new law will have some noticeable effects. .


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