Cutting Tool Industry

To date, it is no news is the fact that the production of cutting tools in Ukraine (and Russia) do not go to any comparison with the former Soviet Union. Domestic manufacturers have lost ground. On it affected a lot of factors. For one of the fundamental technologies include retardation and low production standards. Despite the fact that even now if you want you can find high-quality tool, "another of those times," tool produced by those technologies today often do not even reach a level of 70-80s.

Predzhe all this is due to degradation of the culture of production, depreciation and obsolescence of equipment and tooling, reduced quality of raw materials used. Besides the quality of the cutting tool and relative decreases – each year on the market, new materials, steels and alloys, which possess greater strength, hardness, acquire specific properties. All this makes the producers often turn to foreign producers. In this regard, the market year after year there are more offers from various manufacturers. Starting from an instrument of low and medium quality from China and South-East Asia and ending with high quality tools from Germany, the United States. Although, perhaps, now no one has any doubt that in the near future we will Buy high-quality tool from the same China. Some features of the market cutting tools for industrial use: Fewer consumers compared to the market of consumer goods; The main customers are large industrial enterprises; Due to the nature of our production, the demand for cutting tools are not elastic, often a large enterprise engaged in the production tool independently.


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