Evaluation And Execution Of Transactions

The whole business is based on transactions. The deal – the actions of individuals and entities that seek to install, change or termination of civil rights and obligations in the sphere of trade and exchange of goods, works and services, of information, activities. Transactions concluded in buying and selling real estate, cars, food, insurance and any other services. It is very important professional assessment – property, goods, services, be exchanged through the transaction. Professional assessment of the economy is an indispensable tool for decision-making process accompanying the sale, mortgage, insurance, investment property and any other cases.

However, this tool is used at present by many consumers of appraisal services only when required by laws or regulations. This is one of the myths of assessment – assessment considered as an additional, extra work, so it is only necessary to evaluate the cases 'when required'. However, the evaluation is more significant when it is eaten in the decision making process at every stage. What is meant by terms: the market value, market value, market value, market price? Under evaluation is meant to establish the value of property, as well as other objects of civil rights, with respect to which Russian law, the possibility of their participation in public circulation. We must not confuse the terms cost and price.

Price – this is a fact and value – is the assumption that the most acceptable price at which one could make a transaction in certain circumstances. Depending on the nature of the transaction, as well as the conditions under which it is supposed to conclude, for the same object, you can define different types of value (eg market, replacement, salvage, etc.), and the quantities of different types of values may differ enough from each other. At the same time it will not be a contradiction, since the evaluation of the same object made for different purposes and different kinds of values were determined.

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