The Reinigunsvorgang

This is cat litter in the Atlas mountains won and cross transported through Europe. This diesel is consumed and tolls must be paid. The high costs shall be allocated to the consumer and animal shelters, as well as households pay again for the disposal, after the purchase was already quite expensive. The cats water toilet can be ordered immediately via the Internet: partner-vongeorg.fuer its at the moment is to buy them in any offenziellen business. How the cats water toilet that is innovative, ecological and economical: the soft nubs mat on which feels the cat such as a meadow, is cleaned after each session. After scratching, she can fulfil their need so cavalierly.

The cat litter works electronically and automatically, as soon as the cat enters the cat litter and happens the sensors. It has a fresh and a wastewater tank, as well as a waste-holding tank. The Reinigunsvorgang uses the cat leaves the toilet, after a few seconds. First the data, which the fecal matter in the Waste holding tank pushes and airtight seals. Then, continues the water spray curtain in motion and cleans the artificial grass mat from the urine. The contaminated water is collected in the waste water tank and also hermetically sealed. The fresh water tank has a capacity of 5 litres, and is enough for a whole week in the. Waste water and waste holding tanks are hermetically sealed and populate with the fresh water tank should be emptied.

You can easily dispose everything in your toilet. The cats never stand in the water because the flushing process only begins after the business. Should the cat for some reason once again want to back into the box, the rinsing process is interrupted immediately. The water drains out to the rear. The cats water toilet has been tested by many velvet paws and approved! She has: 5 years warranty. Is odor and acid-resistant. A 14-day Ruckgabercht. 30-day free telephone advice: 07742-915764 or by email: with best regards Georg Wohlrab

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