Great French Revolution

Throughout our history we can trace the moment when the most vivid picture of the time gives the young people showing their appearance made a complete denial by society rules. Many may remember the 80's, when well-bred citizens shied away from girls and guys a strange-looking, covered in black leather and stuffed with chains, with hair colors and styles imaginable. Their task – to stand out from society, to oppose him, and importantly, to shock others. This situation usually arises as a protest against the existing political unfreedom – as an external sign that society is maturing in the desire of some changes. Experts call such fashion antimodoy. When did it start? And look 'hippy' past eras? One of the first of these events was the 'golden youth' of the Great French Revolution. With the fall of the Jacobin dictatorship and the establishment of Directory regime political situation has stabilized just enough to open the road protest and expression.

Children of the bourgeois, no education in the period of revolutionary events, but is oriented from her parents, and youth exile, returning to Paris after the fall of the dictatorship, have created their own style in opposition to popular. Young people called inkruayabli, which means 'unbelievable' and girls – merveyez ('Prichudnitsy'). They looked really quite bizarre. Young men shaved off part of the hair at the nape (as it did with the condemned to the guillotine), and others combed the person taking his long locks along the cheeks (they are called 'dog ears').

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