The Mother

The Mines princess already assay the first steps. It has the beauty and graciosidade of the esvoaante kiss-flower that inhabits its forests. The children do not stop to arrive. It fulls itself of indisfarvel zeal and with ostentoso joy she receives them without any restrictions. He knows its paper of mother well. It knows that in its seio they will search primeva alimentary source; in the ternura of its voice they will find the consolation for its fidgets; in the heat of its arms the confidence will liven up that them; in the meiguice of its affections the force will comfort that them; in the inspiration of its soul the values will fortify that them; in the example of its gestures the model that it will perfect; in its determination the courage will stimulate that them to the fight.

The population does not stop to grow. The life if uncurls promising to the varied shades of a full existence of profcuas accomplishments. The Mother guides the children. It guides them in the adversities, therefore in them the reason not yet ripened, intelligence advances to the slips and the moral search to blossom through the experiences. With its tender one to sing radiates the energy that harmonizes, the wisdom that humaniza, the balsam that alleviates and the enigmatic one to beat of the life and the hope, impregnating in all its inefvel personality. It does not matter of where they have come now are children of Mines, affectionately aconchegados to its chest, delicately involved for the natural mantle that the forests keeps unfolded and extended, as a permanent invitation to the joy of the supreme delights. Horizontes of Mines if never widens without contracting itself, majestical framed for the edulcorada symphony of the life, lead with burning intensity for astro regent. The vision of soul human being if withholds in the comment of so splendid artistic composition.


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