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When little-used indoor swimming pools will be closed, this is still to get over. But immediately after the wage agreement was announced a staff reduction for the municipal hospitals. Not good news for an ageing society already complained a two-class health care because the health in financial distress and bureaucracy stifled. The Director of the Baden-Wurttemberg Hospital company predicted already in the long run clinic closures this would apply in particular less mobile people such as seniors or arms. Might not be the worst thing if the now inevitable cost pressures would lead to increased privatization. It should be checked exactly, where federal, State and local authorities themselves must be the employer and perhaps private service providers more effective, better and less expensive are used could.

“But the announcement of the employers of the public service in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein, downsizing and privatization how do about cleaning and kitchen staff, would fear especially on lower pay groups that once again the cited much leaves little man” is believed to be the victim. To measure by November 16, 2007, the Association of municipal associations (VKA) on their 10-point plan to the tariff round 2008 then have them all along the line failed. Is? Much lower than at the time specified 80 billion euro is the debt of local authorities in April 2008? No longer is it true that the cash credits have increased in 2007 to the peak of almost EUR 30 billion? We can look at the consequences of financial scarcity every day, when we us the State of the schools, swimming pools, which look at streets, public facilities and buildings. As now reached completion in addition should depress the municipalities in this and in the next year with 9.5 billion, fewer subsidies for the club life, higher fees and savings in the culture will be unausweislich. Do you still think that administrators and teachers in Germany earn too little money? Maybe you should come but also to the broader question of whether a fairer burden-sharing would not finally be tackled by federal, State and local authorities. Lacrosse

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