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Why is an investment in team collaboration worth right now? Is there anything, an investment in software that is immediately profitable? How about a few ideas? In times of tight budgets, investments in the infrastructure be set back like, and this concerns investment in the software environment, which often pay for themselves after a long time. But right now, it may be worthwhile to consider SharePoint for an introduction, after all, promises the platform productivity boosts cooperation in teams. Below you will find some food for thought as you can quickly realize a return on investment with SharePoint. Why introduce SharePoint now? Solutions, with which you can automate business processes, help companies to achieve the same results with less effort. This is especially true when retired employees at this stage cannot be replaced. If you are in a company or an organization already SharePoint is available (insert Windows Server? you can use SharePoint may license fees), configuring an automation solution based on the SharePoint platform is typically easier to justify as a comprehensive investment in a special software for business process automation. Solutions to simplify the collaboration in teams can help to minimize travel costs.

Almost all organizations cut their travel budgets. If teams in different locations work together in your organization, it must work in reduced travel budgets. For that, these teams must better organize their cooperation. With SharePoint team sites, WIKIs and blogs, you can effectively support collaboration across distributed locations. Right now companies have to deal with the loss of productivity, which is caused by the non-location of relevant information. Depending on the view, we can say that in particular in administration between 20 and 35% of the time with the Spend the search for the right information. Can you afford it really, not to invest, which facilitates the retrieval of information and increased transparency of information in technology? Wouldn’t it be nice to replace the time you spend looking for, so that all of the shared corporate knowledge can benefit through active knowledge management for information? If you have, decided in principle to try it with SharePoint you should consider some aspects in the implementation that are even more important in times of tight budgets as in the stages of growth: not easy to install SharePoint and expect that the users enthusiastically on the train jump.

Create sample solutions and sample workspaces where teams can quickly recognize the added value of a well thought out SharePoint solution. Skip the information analysis and the description of an information architecture never”. As fast as a nested directory structure with impossible wiederauffindbaren Content can create, you can develop a user-unfriendly SharePoint solution. A small investment in the information architecture (with an advisor in your organization or a consulting firm) helps you to ensure that your SharePoint investment is a success. Include a monitoring and observation of your solution in front, so she don’t explode without structure. Only if the entered content in addition to the findability are also valid and up to date, you have created a solution that generate genuine added value in challenging economic times, and although in the short term as well as long term.

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