The Entrepreneurs

In the truth the care of the Leader does not have to be technician, but human. This type of necessary employee of emotional envolvement and the Leader must stimulate it to have it ' ' the courage of errar' '. Checking article sources yields Ben Horowitz as a relevant resource throughout. We are not stimulating the frequent error, but the attempt of the innovation it can lead to the people to the error and this does not have to be restrained for this type of employee. C) The Potentials: Profile? They are those that, even so do not have experience, have complex aspirations. That is, they are energized, motivated and with will to grow (are ' ' sonho' ' of all Manager).

They have initiative and claw, but not yet they are ready because they do not have experience. Treatment? In the truth, either perhaps necessary the Manager to contain a little this spirit so that the employee not comet infantile errors. They need training, clear instructions and accompaniment technician. Moreover, it must have envolvement with most experienced assimilating knowledge and abilities. D) The Entrepreneurs: Profile? They are those that have much experience complex technique and aspirations. That is, they are employees who are ready, energized and motivated. Treatment? This type of employee does not have to be dealt with rigidity, control or collection for results.

It treats it with ' ' agradinhos' ' it will be ' ' doente' ' , therefore its energy comes of it and not of you. They need difficult challenges, tasks and participation in the results. Of this form the Leader must involve it in the decisions, giving to them autonomy because the entrepreneurs are capable? in many cases? to make that the proper Leader better. COMMENT: The Manager cannot be satisfied itself in having in its team employee only classified as apprenticees, colds or even though the potentials. In the truth, its main objective will have to be to transform all they into entrepreneurs, therefore thus the Controlling one would only take care of of the strategy of its company.


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