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At the table to know when to stop and do not overeat. After a hearty lunch relies “noble belch” – replacing the usual “thank you, it was very tasty.” Of course, this is unlikely to see in a restaurant, where … Continue reading

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Berlin Airports Success

Record for passenger numbers, the airport of the capital region, Berlin-Tegel and Berlin-Schonefeld, have 2011 set a new record in the first half of the year. Total 11.29 million passengers were counted. Compared to the same period of last year … Continue reading

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Rockefeller Hotel

In the preserved side wing a hotel was built to GDR back, up into the 1970s was. The traditional five-star hotel boasts an impressive guest list, so stayed here already Europe’s emperors, the Tsar, Edison, Rockefeller, Einstein, Furtwangler or Karajan. … Continue reading

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Evpatoria History Museum

AS Pushkin, on the discovery of which came from the St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre. The local scene has taken such luminaries of the theater as MG Savina, KS Stanislavsky. EB Vakhtangov LV Sobinov, AV Nezhdanova, NA Obukhov. You may want … Continue reading


Grand Canyon National Park

Use the right moment to buy a tour to the National Park. Finally, after two weeks of negotiation Congress has finished the national fiscal crisis, which the Government can be active again and in the Grand Canyon National Park can … Continue reading

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Travel Agency

What could be better than a trip to paradise in the south-eastern peninsula of Indochina? Our travel agency is pleased to offer you the latest offerings in Thailand at a bargain price. For many people, Thailand – a chance to … Continue reading

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